Altar of Awen


/ah-win, āˈwen/

interjection, noun

Celtic/Welsh word, common in the tradition of Druidry, meaning "flowing Spirit" or "poetic inspiration". For awen to exist, there must be a relationship; a deep understanding in which we are soulfully connected and receptive to the essence of the Divine. Welsh poetry & mythology tell of Cerridwen and her cauldron of poetic inspiration -- the source of spiritual alchemy. The source of Awen. Here at Altar of Awen we find awen in the Holy Spirit through embodied spirituality, faith reconstruction, and by seeking the Spirit through authentic practice of divine mysticism.

What is Altar of Awen?

Altar of Awen is an inclusive, safe space to help you explore embodied ritual craft on your spiritual path and to incorporate sacred magick in your communion with the Holy Spirit. While Altar of Awen is a collective it isn't officially a coven, though some of us affectionately refer to it as such. What this means is there is no governing central creed or set of beliefs or rules that our members are expected to abide by and there are no initiation rites or anything else of the sort. Most of us that are on this path of Christian witchery and mysticism arrived here because we wanted to hone our God-given spiritual gifts and to explore a more authentic version of our faith outside of the dogma and fundamental nature of the church. As such, we don't believe in a "right" way to experience God in magick. At Altar of Awen we encourage authentic exploration based on following the leadings of Spirit and your intuition. Altar of Awen is a safe space and is open to all regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or identity, spiritual upbringing, or level of experience or knowledge in one's spiritual practice. We aim to foster a genuine relationship with the Holy Spirit through eclectic and exploratory solitary practice and come together for monthly circles to learn, share, and grow in communion with others on this unconventional path.

Why Become an Altar-keeper?

When you become a member of Altar of Awen you gain access to everything we have to offer in our Altar-keepers' Area, monthly Moon Meets, which are our virtual full moon circles, as well as our members-only Facebook community to get you in touch with likeminded altar-keepers! Our Altar-keepers' Area at the top of the page is essentially our library and contains a variety of different content and new posts being added each week. Our posts are an eclectic mix of topics including intuitive development, spiritual reconstruction, crystals, angels & mystics in history, and earth and energy medicine techniques and exercises. There are also routine posts each month that include astrology forecasts for the month ahead, reading recommendations, and tarot and oracle deck reviews to help you find new magickal books and tools and resources!

What are monthly Moon Meets?

Our Moon Meets are virtual full moon circles via video call that allow all altar-keepers to come together in community once a month, facilitated by our creatrix, Lindsay. Altar of Awen Moon Meets are very casual and laid back rather than being a rigid systematic coven-esque meeting governed by ritualistic routine. Rather, they are meetings that are specifically facilitated to provide a safe space for members to explore prompts and spiritual themes through group discussion and ritual. Each month there is a ritual that is intuitively and intentionally crafted by Lindsay  based on the energy of that month's full moon and materials are listed in the Moon Meets section for members to see what they need to gather. This is a beautiful opportunity and a safe sanctuary for altar-keepers to discuss and ask questions in confidence and share sacred magick together.

What if I miss a Moon Meet or live outside of the U.S?

Altar of Awen has members all over the U.S. as well as internationally and everyone has differing work schedules and availability, meaning not everyone is able to participate in every Moon Meet live. Since this is a huge part of your membership, we now are proud to offer recorded Moon Meets! Each monthly moon circle is recorded live and the link to the recording is sent to every member afterwards so that anyone who was unable to join the Moon Meet can see who was there, hear everyone's perspectives or contributions to the discussion, and also participate in the ritual on their own time with the live recorded guidance through each step!

Why is there a Fee and what does Altar of Awen Offer for Free?

Altar of Awen is a full-time-Christian-witch owned and operated business. Our creatrix, Lindsay, is a full-time witch, making her living through readings, reiki appointments, teaching, mentorships, and creating growth opportunities for the community such as this online collective. The monthly fee here at Altar of Awen is at least half and even a third of what some online covens charge for even less offerings. Lindsay puts in many, many hours each month to craft the Moon Meet rituals and to provide informative posts in the altar-keepers' area and still strives to ensure that this sacred space can be accessible and budget-friendly for our members. We also offer twice-monthly newsletters for non-members wanting to subscribe to receive email updates before each new and full moon and stay in-the-know!

Meet the Creatrix

Hey beautiful soul! I'm Lindsay Disidore and I'm the creatrix of this virtual spiritual learning space for Christian witches, mystics, lightworkers, and lovers of woo. I'm a Christian witch serving as an online teacher, healer, and intuitive reader in Austin, TX. I've answered the Holy Spirit’s call to create courses and content that allow fellow Christian mystical practitioners find their own unique way of experiencing God through the study of intuitive and esoteric arts. My relationship with the Holy Spirit deepened through living life in rhythm with the Sabbats and seasons of the cosmos and through Spiritual Alchemy. I'm all about letting the Holy Spirit lead through divine mysticism and embodied craft. Finding your own personal way of experiencing communion with God in this way happens when we own and hone our unique God-given spiritual gifts and abilities. I've been walking in this witchy way for over four years and had no community to be a part of and didn't want other Christian woo-workers to go it alone. That's why I felt led to create the Altar of Awen -- a collective space with multiple monthly offerings for my altar-keepers. You are loved beyond measure, your journey and your experiences are valid, and your path is hallowed. I'm glad you're here!


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