altar of awen


/ah-win, āˈwen/

interjection, noun

Celtic/Welsh word meaning "flowing Spirit" or "poetic inspiration". For awen to exist, there must be a relationship; a deep understanding in which we are soulfully connected and receptive to the essence of the Divine.

at this sacred altar, there is...



we hold space for all faithful wanderers & witches, including folks who are:

+ witches, mystics, christopagan, etc.

+ exvangelicals or not Christian-identifying folks

+ deconstructing & processing religious guilt or trauma

+ new to their path or craft

+ experienced and seeking community

+ LGBTQ+, BIPOC, neurodivergent & members of marginalized communities

while we all forge and walk our own unique solitary paths, togetherness is sacred and a catalyst for spiritual growth. our altar-keepers gather monthly in online video circles to engage in discussion and ritual led by our creatrix/priestess. we also honor living in rhythm with the turning of the wheel of the year by gathering virtually to celebrate the eight seasonal sabbats. our sabbat gatherings are open to non-members.


finding awen and being an altar-keeper means seeking the divine in all things and being open to finding it in the unexpected and unconventional. exploring and honing your own unique spiritual gifts is a God/dess given right and part of fulfilling your divine purpose. provided resources and learning materials in the altar-keepers' area are varied to encompass an eclectic array of interests and practices to help you embody your faith in a way that is authentic to your path.

"..speak to the

earth, and it will teach


- job 12:8

Meet the Creatrix

Hey beautiful soul! I'm Lindsay and I'm the creatrix and priestess of this virtual spiritual learning space for Christian witches, pagans, lightworkers, and lovers of woo. I'm a full-time witch serving as an online teacher, healer, and intuitive reader in Austin, TX. I've answered the Holy Spirit’s call to create learning opportunities and content that allow fellow Christian mystical practitioners to find their own unique way of experiencing God/dess through the study of intuitive and esoteric arts. My relationship with the Holy Spirit deepened through living life in rhythm with the Sabbats and seasons of the cosmos and through embodied faith craft. Finding your own personal way of experiencing communion with God in this way happens when we own and hone our unique God-given spiritual gifts and abilities. I've been walking in this witchy way for over five years and never had a  community to be a part of and didn't want others to be alone, which is why I felt led to create this sacred space. You are loved beyond measure, your journey and your experiences are valid, and your path is hallowed. I'm glad you're here at the Altar with me!


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