Mentorships & Apprenticeships

In-depth distance learning series with Lindsay via live video sessions, guides, and other resources to equip you to hone and master your craft!

Angelic Mediumship Mentorship

$350 (1 2 or 4 payments)

Angelic Mediumship is the use of inherent & learned mediumship abilities to channel the Angelic Realm. If you're someone who is already having, and possibly scared by, experiences of mediumship and you're looking for a way to hone this through a safe, Christian lens, this is an ideal path for you. Likewise, if you're someone who doesn't have the ability of mediumship and are looking to learn this ability through the perspective of working with the angels, this is for you! Learning how to connect with and channel Archangels and other members of the spiritual hierarchy can help you identify the energy and presence of the angels and compare that energy with anything or anyone else that may have been trying to come through. By being able to invoke the archangels and angelic hierarchy directly, you will be able to work with their energy to promote healing, protection, and the receiving of messages for yourself and in channeling for others. This mentorship takes place over 4 video chat sessions (1x/week) with me and covers:

  • Opening you to channel by clearing any energetic or psychic blockages with the Angels

  • Angelic path-making to hone your channeling abilities and interpret messages

  • Guided invocation & journeying to help you get to know members of the Angelic hierarchy

  • Guided invocation & journeying to help you get to know saints and ascended masters

  • Angelic exercises to help you hone your mediumship abilities

  • PDF reference guide & "homework" after each session

  • Initiation gift of honoring your becoming an Angelic Medium, from my heart to yours

This mentorship is $350 and may be broken up into 1, 2, or 4 payments. Invoicing through PayPal. Contact me below to begin your journey and become an Angelic Medium!

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