soul midwifery training retreats

May 29-30th, 2021 Training Retreat

Austin, TX

Soul Midwifery for Angelic Reiki is the art of end of life advocacy, healing, and care to help those who are actively dying cross over with holistic care to provide dignity and wellness in the process of death. Soul Midwives, also called "death doulas", provide service and care for the dying person while making a comfortable, safe, and healing environment for them and their loved ones. Soul Midwifery fully equips you to be able to care for loved ones and clients with terminal diagnoses, on hospice, and in any other end of life circumstance and level of care. In this particular Soul Midwifery training, you will learn metaphysical and holistic healing techniques, as well as practical care for being a successful end of life guide such as:

- Angelic techniques for space setting/clearing

- Sound healing for identifying and clearing blockages

- Aromatherapy for emotional release and anointing

- The physical phases and four elements of the dying process

- The energetic anatomy of the light body and its role in death

- Creating a death plan with clients and aspects of practical care

- Customizable meditation & breathing techniques

- Self-care for the death doula/soul midwife

This is a weekend training with two full days of training. There are 2 guest rooms in my home for those coming from out of state that want to save on hotel costs, available on a first come, first served basis. Contact me if you need a customized payment plan to suit your needs at:

*Although this workshop has 'Angelic Reiki' in the title, Angelic Reiki isn't a prerequisite or requirement at any point in order to take and use this training in your work. This course material is only able to be taught by Angelic Reiki Master Teachers that are registered with the Angelic Reiki Association. Any monies submitted up front as deposit are non-refundable.


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